Raising Concerns at Work

The Whistleblowing Helpline’s new publication, “Raising Concerns at Work: Whistleblowing Guidance for Workers and Employers in Health and Social Care” is now available to download. Key sections in the Guidance include:

  • The importance of whistleblowing as an early warning system of problems, which research shows is often ignored
  • An outline of the legislation – the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998
  • A flowchart of the whistleblowing process (on page 14)
  • Top tips for workers who wish to raise concerns, and sources of advice and support for them
  • Top tips for operational managers to respond positively when staff raise concerns
  • At corporate level, the Guidance sets national standards for whistleblowing policies for employers, together with a summary of their responsibilities
  • Case studies of good practice, Frequently Asked Questions, and further information and links.

You can download the entire document here or request a hard copy of the document through our Contact Us page.

The Guidance has special sections aimed at workers and managers, and you can download those here: