‘Responding to Concerns’, a new educational film that aims to improve patient safety has been launched by Health Education England (HEE).

Developed with input from patient safety experts, the film aims to equip staff with the knowledge, skills and confidence to adequately and safely respond to patient safety concerns.

A sequel to the popular ‘Raising Concerns’ film, ‘Responding to Concerns’ follows the same three scenarios as they unfold. We see each manager deal with the challenges of effectively responding to concerns about an experienced community nurse not washing her hands, a surgical never-event near miss, and poor communication between services.

Reflecting the varied nature of patient safety concerns, the film provides broad learning points that can be applied to a range of scenarios. Themes include dealing with personal conflict, preventing bullying, the importance of good communication and realistic timeframes. For further information, free resources are listed at the end of the film.

Professor Wendy Reid, Medical Director at Health Education England said: “Responding to raised concerns is often complex and can be professionally, managerially and emotionally challenging for those involved. Used as a training tool, this new film will give staff the confidence to act effectively, which will have a positive impact on both staff and patient safety.”

The first film in the series, ‘Raising Concerns’ aims instil the importance of raising concerns and to build confidence amongst staff on how to do so.