Sir Robert Francis published the report of his review into whistleblowing in the NHS on 11 February. He reported serious issues with the way whistleblowing is often perceived and handled in the NHS, finding evidence of bad treatment of whistleblowers and poor practice. He recommends 20 principles with specific actions to improve the situation.  These include:

  • A common policy and procedure for raising concerns, including better investigations and promoting a model of good practice in the handling of concerns
  • Training for managers and all staff in the raising and handling of concerns
  • Cultural change towards open, transparent and learning cultures which value communication and engagement
  • Freedom to Speak Up Guardians to be appointed to each NHS organisation, supported by a national Independent National Officer (INO)
  • Legal change to anti-discrimination law to protect whistleblowers from discrimination in recruitment
  • Additions to the list of prescribed persons to whom protected disclosures can be made

To see a copy of the report or to find out more about the research projects which supported the Review, go to: