What we do

The Whistleblowing Helpline is a free-phone service for employees, and organisations working within the NHS and social care sector.

The Whistleblowing Helpline is a service for:

  • NHS staff (including trainees and agency staff)
  • Staff in the social care sector (including trainees and agency staff)
  • NHS and social care employing organisations
  • Contractors for the NHS and social care sector
  • Trade unions
  • Professional bodies

 What services do we provide?

  • Free, confidential advice to NHS and Social Care staff that witness wrongdoing and are unsure whether or how to raise their concern.
  • Advice and support to managers or those responsible for matters of policy development and best practice within the health and social care market.
  • Assistance with developing and embedding whistleblowing procedures.
  • Assistance with whistleblowing policy review and development.
  • Advice on how to respond to whistleblowing concerns that have been raised.
  • Delivery of training to organisations

Please note the Whistleblowing Helpline provides free advice and guidance, but it is not a disclosure line and callers can not be represented. We only provide independent advice and guidance to NHS and the social care sector.

Our calls

In addition to responding to a wide range of emails, we receive many calls from the variety of Health and Social Care providers we support. These highly confidential discussions aim to provide information to callers to help them to raise their workplace concerns in the right way. Some of these calls can be complex and require further detailed discussion, consideration and support. Many of our callers understandably wish to retain their anonymity, unless our callers choose to disclose their identity, we will ensure that anonymity is protected unless we are required to provide this information by a Court. Callers who contact us with queries that do not fall within our remits, such as employment issues or patient complaints, are signposted to appropriate organisations who can provide this support. We attempt to help every caller if we can.

The increased national profile of whistleblowing in the Health and Social Care sector along with the Freedom to Speak Up report and its associated recommendations have heightened awareness amongst workers of the need to raise workplace concerns. Equally, organisations are seeking ways to create the right conditions for these concerns to be effectively addressed.

The Whistleblowing Helpline is an established and well-recognised source of advice for workers and employers.

The number of calls received since the Whistleblowing Helpline was introduced in 2012 is in the table below:

Year ending Dec 2012 1206
Year ending Dec 2013 1173
Year ending Dec 2014 1316
Year ending Dec 2015 1930
Year ending Dec 2016 2332



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